Our Story

Youfory Flag Co.

Unique. Adventurous. Euphoric. 

First off, thanks for checking us out.  You are the most important part of our company, and we'd love to tell you a bit about how this all started.

When we moved into a house together last summer, we noticed there was an old telephone pole in the back yard.  We always talked about repurposing it into a flagpole, but didn’t know what to hang on it.  As the year went by, the house began to gain some character and identity, so we wanted to create a flag that fully represented the house.  We looked around but couldn’t find any company that would make a single custom flag for a fair price.  Frustrated, we came up with the idea for Youfory Flag Co.  

As plans started to come together, we realized that flags aren’t just meant to be hung from poles, but should be used to represent yourself anywhere you go.  Whether they’re being held at your favorite event or decorating the walls of your house, our flags are meant to make a statement and display a part of you.  When you attend that awesome concert, ascend that tough hike or cheer on your favorite team, we want you to have the flag of your dreams that symbolizes a part of you.  Our goal is for Youfory flags to be tools our customers can use to show the world who they really are and what they stand for in their favorite state of mind.

Youfory Flag Co was created to help people express themselves through their unique, custom made flag.  Our flags fly from the tops of mountains, hang on bedroom walls, drape the shoulders of concert goers, and wave in the crowd at tailgates.  Whatever it is you love, we create flags that help you share that with the world.  

Find your state of euphoria.  Put it on a flag.